The Grand Villa Elia 33 Guestrooms & Villas

Rightfully considered the largest villa in Greece, the Grand Villa Elia offers ultimate comfort, luxury accommodations and tailor-made services in a sophisticated and elegant setting. Perched right above famous Elia Beach and suffused by the dazzling white of Cycladic architecture and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, this unique getaway is a true Mykonos landmark.

The four-level Grand Villa Elia is comprised of 33 superb in-house villas and guestrooms for up to 75 guests, making it an ideal selection for a relaxing and carefree 5-star holiday. Unwind in large seawater infinity pools, enjoy gourmet dining and take full advantage of a 24h Villa Host team of butlers and private chefs.

At Grand Villa Elia, the courtesy, warmth and hospitality of our highly trained service staff, combined with world-class amenities, breathtaking sea views, stylishly designed furniture and hand crafted artifacts, offer the best in luxury villa living.