Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Wellness Coaching

Our world-class fitness and wellness offering includes gym rooms, equipment-supported Pilates instruction, Yoga and Wellness Coaching, all supported by highly qualified professionals available for private sessions.

The Myconian sun and Aegean Sea begin to work their magic as soon as you set foot on a pool deck or fine sand beach. Take this sense of well-being to another level with either an introduction or continuation of practices that have unquestioned benefits.

Pilates instruction is available for beginners to advanced level. In just 55-minutes, your whole body will begin to feel more ‘centred’ and re-aligned. Each class is based on the original six Pilates principles: concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. This method helps improve flexibility and endurance in the entire body; with a special focus on posture, breathing, core strength, coordination and balance.

Yoga classes that are either held in-studio, as Secret Sunrise or Full Moon events, or paired with Sunset Meditation. If you are already a seasoned Yoga practitioner, you will know all about the restorative power of yoga that places body and mind in perfect equilibrium. Water yoga is most effective for injuries and delicate joints. We offer group sessions either indoors or outdoors.

Allow your stay on Mykonos to become a transformative experience by attending our unique wellness seminars or taking a personal coaching session. Our Wellness coach is a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, HeartMath Mentor, beauty & anti-aging consultant, trainer and speaker. She specializes in stress relief and resilience building, alignment of body, mind and soul, mindfulness, inner & outer beauty balance, as well as holistic nutrition. You will home return with knowledge and techniques to transform your everyday life.

Our Yoga and Pilates Sessions are designed for all levels, offering modifications for beginners and greater challenges for advanced students. To encourage beginners, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients. One week of regular practice is all you need to transform your life. We also host dedicated Yoga Retreats with world class teachers at the Ambassador. Our yoga instructors are highly qualified.
Imagine a 90-minute morning yoga class held in the breathtakingly beautiful setting of Scorpios, situated a 10-minute walk from the Ambassador Hotel along a scenic coastal path. And in the evening, a 1-hour relaxing class focusing on alignment, pranayama, restoration and yoga Nidra…

And don’t worry about having the right sports outfit: although our boutique stocks yoga-wear, all that is really required are comfortable loose clothing, bare feet and an open mind.