Mykonos Town

Once visited only as a stopover on the way to the nearby island of Delos, the ancient religious center of the Aegean, Mykonos is today one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world, more famous than Capri and more fashionable than Hawaii.

The island’s pearl-white villages with their mazelike streets and cube-shaped houses and churches, most of which were built by sailors in gratitude for their safe homecoming, are among the finest examples of Cycladic architecture. Combined with the azure waters, the sunny blue skies and the vivid sunsets, the dazzlingly white buildings and cobblestone alleys produce a spectacle of breathtaking beauty.

World famous for its long stretches of pristine sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife culture and upscale shops, bars and restaurants, Mykonos is also renowned for the gentle dignity and courteous hospitality of its people -the first in Greece to systematically accommodate visitors in their homes.

The island remains active year-round, hosting numerous cultural events including concerts, theatrical performances, film festivals and art exhibitions.